Joshua Cyr

For City Council, Portsmouth, City Vitality

A Focus On Portsmouth Vitality

Arts / Culture / History

It is difficult to consider Portsmouth without envisioning a combination of art, culture, and history. Any actions we take must not weaken the great strengths that Portsmouth has.

Healthy Economy

We must: strive to make sure our economy isn’t dependant on any one industry, pay attention to all business districts and their unique needs, and respond to the concerns many have about affordability in housing and office/retail space.


A healthy community works together, supports each other, and respects one another.


Too often civic leaders draw hard lines in the sand. With a narrow field of view it is impossible to see the breadth of what lies ahead and recognize its potential. I vow to bring thoughtful consideration to issues before council with earnest effort to understand the position and concerns from all positions at the table.


My passion is building community and fostering collaboration; specifically via the intersection of arts, technology, and business.

Over the years I have started companies, served on nonprofit boards, run multiple fundraising events for area arts and cultural organizations, created two active meetups for startups and web developers, run multiple free educational seminars on various topics, and have taught bright young business majors at UNH. I currently serve on the Economic Development Commission. I work at Alpha Loft, a nonprofit devoted to helping founders of startups throughout the state of New Hampshire.

I met my wife, Jennifer Cyr, at the Portsmouth Brewery. We celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary recently, marveling how quickly time passes and reminiscing about being married at The Music Hall. We now have two young children, Samantha age 3 and Maxwell who will be turning 2 in November.


I moved to New Hampshire from Pocatello, Idaho in 1992 to attend UNH.

I moved to Portsmouth in 1997.

How To Help

  • Send a letter to the editor.
  • Request and place a sign in your window or yard.
  • Share this site and your support on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Mark your calendar to Vote November 3rd. If you will be out of town that day file an absentee ballot. Remind your friends to vote. Offer to carpool with friends/coworkers.




Keep Portsmouth Vital